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Industrial Parts / Components Dimension (Defect) Inspection Machines


We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Industrial Parts / Components Dimension (Defect) Inspection Machines, High Speed High Volume Automated Indexing Industrial Metallic, Non Metallic, Plastic, Rubber Parts / Components (Fastener, Washer, O Ring) Dimension (Defect) Inspection Machines, Industrial Parts, Components Dimension Measurement (Defect) Inspection Machines from Pune Maharashtra India.

Features :

  • Able to measure dimensions such as height, profile width, step height, diameter
  • Can measure up to 100 parts minute
  • Single system can handle 6 different sizes of PINS for measurement
  • Machine vision consists of high quality telecentric lens, fixed focal length lens, high speed Gig-E cameras and measurement software
  • System consists of high quality bowl feeder, linear feeder, rotary glass disc, pneumatic rejection system, collections bins